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Confinement is Launching a Brand New Event!

Join Us for Cryptic Game Night!

Confinement Escape Rooms have come up with an innovative way to launch their recently developed  “Take Home Games”. The team decided that people love to come out and compete in team games,  and with the popularity of Quiz nights, they decided why not set up a game night, specifically around one of their themed games!

The event is to be held in Zone bar,  on level 2 of the Skycity Building, in the heart of the Hamilton CBD on Wednesday 14 July at 5.30pm.

The game that will be launched that night is the “Roaring 20s Game”   Tickets are sold on a per team basis with a team being 2 – 4 players.   The cost of the tickets is $45 per team,  which makes a cost effective evening out with the team.  To add a bit more fun,  teams can dress up in 1920s theme. 

Confinement anticipates that both Puzzle and Quiz enthusiasts along with Corporates will take advantage of a quick after work function and fun challenge.

All teams will be playing the same game,  and a Game Master will be on hand if any of the teams “get stuck”. “It's basically an escape room in an envelope.” says Business Development Manager Deborah Bunyard. You receive 4 sealed envelopes and you cannot progress through the envelopes until you have worked out the code, and used the innovative code checker to ensure you have the correct answer. “ I really think teams are going to enjoy the evening”.

With only 20 team tickets available,  Confinement anticipate a sell out and will then plan to launch the other games in the same manner. So keep an eye out!

Published July 1st 2021 by Confinement Escape Rooms


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