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We have made the difficult decision to cancel this event for this year due to level 3 lockdown.

We aim to arrange a new date to hold a full Fright Night event next year. Follow our socials to stay updated đź‘»

Confinement Loves Halloween đź‘»

Its October and the team at Confinement are starting to get really excited. Whilst all the themed Escape Rooms have a normal element of excitement and a little hint of scary,  at Halloween we like to really step it up.

If you are one of those people that like to be frightened,  if you like  that feeling of being scared.   If you are into spooky, scream your head off kind of stuff, then you really need to check out what Confinement has to offer.

Firstly,  the Escape rooms as you may know them, are closed.   They  reopen as “Halloween Fright Nights”.  With the lights out and  just glimmers of flicking light, enough to assist you to solve the clues and puzzles, these rooms are real spooky.   The rooms all get re decorated,  spiders, and scary stuff are laid out throughout the rooms, and you really never know what might lay ahead,  and jump out to scare you.    If you are faint hearted and like to keep life nice and simple, then this is not the night for you.    Dress up and come out and play.   The Halloween fun starts with at 5pm and is available for all the rooms sessions for the rest of the evening.   Camp Amity, is no longer a family friendly room,  Lost Villa is totally scary,   Murdoch Manor hides many secrets, and Cigar Lounge, well,  who knows what’s gone on there.    Tickets are priced at $42 per person, and as they are  strictly limited this event will sell out.  

The other option is our “Halloween at Woodlands” event.   Come solve a Murder Mystery in the old Historic Woodlands Homestead.   Dress to scare, and come if you dare.   Wander the halls of the old homestead, looking for clues and solving puzzles.   Race the clock and the other teams,  whilst you all solve different parts of the murder,  who did it?  what weapon did they use? And even better why did they do it?  The night is an R18 event, with the bar open before and during the game with light canapes served throughout. Tickets are $69 per person.    The Friday the 13th event was a sell out and with ½ the tickets already sold, you will need to be fast on this one. If you fancy a meal before the game,  Prof’s Woodlands CafĂ© & Bar will be opened and dinner tickets are an additional $60.    Return shuttles are available.

Confinement really hope you will join them on Halloween Sunday 31 October  ...... it only comes once a year.......  are you in?


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