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Confinement Hamilton Scavenger Hunts



Confinement's scavenger hunt games engage you, your friends, and family in collaborative efforts to unravel mysteries and solve clues, all while getting some exercise and fresh air. Enjoy the excitement of solving our puzzles and clues, while also gaining insights into local history, culture, and nature!

Options to suit all age ranges. Large and small groups welcome!

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How many people can go?

The Scavenger Hunt can accommodate teams of 2 – 6 people per game. We have 6 backpacks available per Game Scenario, so any larger groups can form additional teams and grab extra backpacks. 

What happens if the weather turns bad?

If the weather is not looking good on the day of your booking, the Confinement Team will be in contact to either help you re-schedule or switch to doing one of our indoor escape rooms instead (if available).

Is there an age limit?

An adult or teenager who is at least 14+ years old is required to attend the scavenger hunt to supervise any younger children, whilst the games are recommended for 8 years old plus, there is no minimum age for attendance.

How often does it change?

At this stage there is no regular reset plan for our Scavenger Hunts. If this changes we will always post updates on our social media pages and here on our website – so make sure to follow or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. 

What should we bring/wear?

Confinement recommends you bring a water bottle with you and wear a sunhat and covered shoes that you are comfortable walking in. 

Is there a time limit?

You will get 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the Scavenger Hunt. For a greater challenge or if you're competing, see if you can complete it in 60 minutes! 

What should we expect?

Once you arrive you can expect the Confinement Team to run through your mission, the contents of your backpack and the game rules, there will also be a timekeeper and main contact designated to a member of your group. The Confinement Team will then do a countdown with you and send you off. 

Are there any physical limitations?

The Scavenger Hunt does involve traveling around the Hamilton CBD and this can be achieved at a leisurely pace. If you have any mobility concerns/difficulties, please contact us and we can explain any limitations that might pop up/solutions based on your specific situation. 

Can I use a scooter?

If participants choose to use scooters, they do so at their own risk.

Where should we park and how long for?

Around the Hamilton CBD, there is free parking on-street parking for the first two hours. Click here for more info on CBD Street parking


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