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If you have a passion for escape rooms, our escape games will undoubtedly captivate you. Whether you're planning a cozy night in or find yourself stuck at the bach on a rainy day, these games are the perfect choice. Regardless of the occasion or your location, our games are guaranteed to keep your group fully engaged.

For a little over $11 per person, you can enjoy an hour of thrilling entertainment. Challenge yourself against the ticking clock, unravel intricate clues, and decipher codes to progress through the envelopes.

Want to make the games into a function or party?

Confinement can offer a host to manage large groups and be available to help with hints, and make it a bit of fun competition, this can be at at a local function room, local bar and cafe or at your workplace. This is at an additional fee and subject to host availability. Please contact us at

Want to join in with others to play a Confinement Game?

Check out our hosted Game Nights at some awesome venues!


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