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Our new place is fully licensed - Enjoy a beverage before, during or after your game.

About Us

A family-owned business

Where it all started...

Confinement, a family-owned business, was initially founded by the brother-sister duo Leighton and Alanah. Later on, their mother Deb joined the team to assist with business planning and coordinate large team events.

The company's inception in 2016 followed Leighton's return from Canada, where he had suffered a traumatic head injury in a mountain bike accident. During his rehabilitation, doctors, having experienced the benefits of a team-building escape room, suggested it for Leighton. In January 2016, during Alanah's visit to Calgary, she secured a booking and after enjoying the experience, they made a promise to recreate it back home.

Leighton's focused mindset led him to initiate the setup of their own escape room business upon returning to Hamilton. Initially, Alanah, who was occupied with her Farm Analysis career, had little interest. However, Leighton's persistence and the collective desire to aid his recovery prompted a search for suitable properties. The company modestly began on London Street in April 2019, quickly attracting prominent Hamilton companies for team-building and social events. Alanah eventually took over the business side, and Leighton's role transitioned to "room planning."

In 2017, Confinement relocated to Level 2 in Skycity. Shortly after, Leighton returned to Canada to marry. The onset of Covid introduced new challenges and amidst the pandemic, Serenity joined as the general manager, bringing valuable tourism experience from her previous role at Hobbiton. Despite the difficulties, the Covid period prompted a thorough reassessment of the company, resulting in significant upgrades, from the booking system to the premises.

Confinement has evolved to offer a comprehensive suite of products centered around puzzles, challenges, and code solving. With the team expanding, the company moved to new, spacious premises in 2023, situated at 6 Sapper Moore-Jones Place in the heart of the CBD, marking a transformative phase for the business.

Confinement is now the longest established Escape Room company in the Waikato.

The Confinement Team

The ingenious and imaginative minds powering Confinement!

Meet Serenity
Operations Manager

Hey, I'm Serenity. I have been with Confinement going on 4 years. I have a hand in everything Confinement does from advertising to making new games to running bookings, and I enjoy every minute of it! 

Meet Kae
Marketing Genius

Hi, my name is Kae. I'm a non-binary creative who loves creating our advertising and helping with new products. I've been with Confinement for just over two years. I love photography, the colour green, and collecting cool rocks, earrings, and dice.

Meet Josh
Escape Specialist

Hi, I’m Josh! I’ve been with Confinement for nearly a year. I love the outdoors and extreme sports, I’m a long-time Dungeon Master (for D&D) and I love working with large groups and learning about people.

Meet Deb
Events & Development

Hi, my name is Deb. I work on the planning side of all the events and corporate functions. I also assist with the development of new products.  I love socializing with friends and family,  relaxing in my pool, and sitting in the sun! oh and food and wine...

Meet Alanah
Partner Founder 

Hello, I'm Alanah. At Confinement, I enjoy figuring out and setting up all the neat electronic props Confinement as well as making cool new products, though accounts and "the business stuff" is usually what you'll find me doing. My full-on toddler has kept me busy and opened my mind to a new way of looking at things and what joy can come from discovering something new. When I am not chasing my toddler or working on Confinement projects you'll find me in the paddock with my fluffy moos. 

Meet Leighton
Partner Founder

Hey, I'm Leighton.  I was the person that nagged my sister to set up this business with me when I returned to NZ after a mountain bike accident in Canada.    Once I was up and going again, and the business was doing the same, I left her in charge and headed back to Canada. I enjoy writing storylines and puzzles for the new rooms in between playing with my toddler!


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