We have moved! Find us at 6 Sapper Moore-Jones Place, Hamilton Central

Our new place is fully licensed - Enjoy a beverage before, during or after your game.

Upcoming Events

Events with a twist...

Confinement operates a range of events and functions. Some events run regularly, while others are catered towards particular occasions such as Halloween, Mid-winter Christmas, and Christmas. Check out what's coming up!

Murder Mystery at Woodlands Estate

Join us for a night of intrigue and suspense at Woodlands Homestead on Whitikahu Road!

In a small town, tragedy strikes as a young woman is found dead in the homestead. With the overwhelmed detective struggling to keep up, the grieving parents are determined to find justice. They have put up a substantial reward. Now, eight groups of private investigators are invited to solve this gripping mystery.

You and your team will have one hour to delve into the secrets, hunt down clues, decipher mind-boggling puzzles, and piece together the puzzle to uncover the identity of the culprit responsible for this heinous crime.

The Night Stalk at Woodlands Estate

Beware... lurking within the shadows of the eerie Historic Woodlands Estate lies a mystical creature, whispered about in chilling tales. I have witnessed its haunting presence firsthand.

In the shroud of darkness, you shall venture through the gardens, with only the feeble moonlight and flickering torches to pierce the encroaching blackness. But fear not, for it is my voice that will serve as your eerie guide through the murky abyss.

This game is played within the Woodlands Gardens at night and can be played as an individual, or as a team.

All you need is a mobile phone with internet connectivity and headphones, plus an extra torch if you wish.

Immerse yourself in the experience, and be prepared for clue challenges along the way. Will you accept the challenge and uncover the secrets that dwell within?

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If you have a group of 30 or more, talk to us about running an exclusive event for you.


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