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Are you feeling bored? Pining for something fun to do, but don’t feel like having to dress up and go out? Maybe you just feel like staying home or simply just hanging with the family?    Then check out our list of games and fun things to do.   Games to play at home, games to play in the car, games to play wherever you feel like.  Plan your own fun! 

Check out a list of some of the games that we think you will really enjoy!     Some have been developed by us,  others are games that we have found and know you will love!

Want to make the games into a function or party?

Looking to turn our games into a memorable function or party experience? We offer the option to host large groups, providing a dedicated host who will be there to assist with hints, create a fun competitive atmosphere, and ensure everything runs smoothly. This can take place at a local function room, a nearby bar or cafe, or even at your workplace, allowing for a convenient and enjoyable event.

Please note that hosting services come at an additional fee and are subject to the availability of our hosts. To inquire about hosting options or to discuss your event requirements, please reach out to us at We're excited to help you create a fantastic and engaging experience for your group.

Want to join in with others to play a Confinement Game?

Check out our hosted Game Nights


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