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Our new place is fully licensed - Enjoy a beverage before, during or after your game.

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Confinement News 2024

THE APARTMENT RESET! 'The Haunted Hotel' is here!

The Apartment Escape Room is now closed as of Sunday 26th May... but don't worry! The Haunted Hotel is now open! You are paranormal investigators and have recently been contacted by the staff of the Murdoch Hotel. They believe that one of the rooms is haunted. With the manager out of the building for the next hour, you must move quickly to uncover the truth and confront the horrors within. Book now on our indoor games page!


NEW MURAL MISSION! Outdoor art hunt launched!

Confinement has partnered with Boon Art to release an exciting new Outdoor Scavenger Hunt styled game where players get to find specific artworks in the area selected and solve cryptic clues to proceed. This series of games has been designed to play at any time, at whatever pace the players want. The CBD mission and Waikato University mission are available now! A fantastic opportunity to discover some incredible murals in interesting locations.


NEW OUTDOOR GAME! Palette Pursuit launched!

Are you looking for a fun activity with the kids? Bring them together and head over to Confinement Escape Rooms for the launch of our exciting new outdoor game, PALETTE PURSUIT!

Whether you're pushing a stroller with toddlers or have older kids in tow, everyone can join in the excitement of solving color-related clues. Bring the kids, some good walking shoes, a hat, and plenty of sunscreen!


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