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Outdoor Games

Outdoor Clue Solving Adventures

Embrace the Challenge...

Confinement's scavenger hunt games engage you, your friends, and family in collaborative efforts to unravel puzzles and solve clues. This is all while getting some exercise and fresh air and giving you the opportunity to explore the city in ways you have never seen. Enjoy the excitement of a challenging and fun game, while also gaining insights into local history, culture, and nature! 

Central City Adventures

The Guardians of Hamilton

A game of wits and teamwork - find locations and solve cryptic puzzles to unlock secrets!

The City of Hamilton is in need of a guardian. Your team has been selected to audition for this esteemed role. To move forward in this application process, there are two different challenges for you to complete.

Choose your challenge at the start of the game, then decipher cryptic clues and demonstrate your abilities in locating various items along the way. It is a race against time and other contenders to see if your team is truly worthy of the elite title, 'Guardians of Hamilton'.

A 90 minute time frame is recommended.

Palette Pursuit - For Kids

A colour based clue solving adventure for kids with a fun lucky dip prize included!

Designed for any kids who have a basic understanding of colour. It's a great introduction to our games requiring players to solve clues, find locations, and best of all, get the opportunity to grab a free prize at the end.

Whilst it's targeted at 5 to 10 year-olds, the game can be enjoyed by slightly younger kids with assistance and older ones too! Get the kids outside, off devices, and into a bit of exercise. It's suitable for prams and strollers; perfect for mums or dads with babies and toddlers in tow. Grab a coffee en-route and enjoy helping your kids play! A 60 minute time frame is recommended. 

Mural Mission Series

A fun and exciting way to view a selection of amazing murals. Can be played anytime with no time limit either as a team or an individual. Solve clues, find the art!

If you love art and you love puzzles, then this collaboration between Confinement Games and Boon Art is perfect for you! With cryptic directions and clues, find the art, solve the question, and move on. Learn about the artist, the artwork, have fun exploring the city, and discover artworks you may have never seen!

Choose which area you want to explore, grab your team, or go it alone. For groups, we recommend the purchase of individual games so that each player can have access to the app on their own device.  This way players can read and play at their own pace. There is no minimum or maximum number of people that can play at any given time.

The Capture Series

Fast paced strategy games - earn points before the timer runs out!

There are two different games to choose from in this series of Scavenger Hunts. To start, each team is issued with a backpack that contains everything you need to solve cryptic clues and identify various locations around the city. There are also locked box challenges to complete along the way.

You must capture your answers with photographic evidence of each location to earn points. Strategic decisions will need to be made during this game to gain more points than the opposing teams. Race the clock and race the other teams. A 60 or 90 minute time frame is recommended. 

Cryptic Crawlers

Pub Crawl styled escape game in the CBD!

If you enjoy solving puzzles and working on cryptic clues, then you will love our Cryptic Crawlers Game. Start by collecting your Mission Pack at Confinement (6 Sapper Moore-Jones Place),  have a quick drink in our licensed bar while you work out where you need to go next, then set off on your crawl. Take your time, and have fun - as the name says, it's more of a crawl than a race!

At each location you will be provided with a locked package. Solve clues, crack codes, find out what's inside, and work out where you need to head next!

Adventures at Woodlands Estate

Woodlands Wanderer

There are two Scavenger Hunt games that are available, one within the historic homestead and the other through the beautiful gardens.

As the story goes, there were two children who lived in the homestead. One would never come inside and the other's whole world was within the Homestead. Each had a favourite spot, but both of these were lost to time. The children wanted to tell someone where they were, so they wrote riddles that you must solve and items to look for to find the answer.

Each game pack includes a $10 Voucher for the Garden Grove Cafe. A 60-minute time frame is recommended.


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