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Our new place is fully licensed - Enjoy a beverage before, during or after your game.

Cryptic Crawlers 


Enter to prove you are the best in town!

Multiple Dates Available - Book Now!

Price Per Team $285 

REDUCED FROM $380, exclusively for this competition!

Includes welcome drink & nibbles on arrival at Confinement Escape Rooms, eight drinks across the mystery venues, and two Sharing Plates at the end - sizing based on teams of 4.

Amazing Prizes Up For Grabs!

Prizes for the winning company on the night PLUS all teams entered go into an overall draw at the end of the series.

Prizes include a $500 voucher towards an exclusive Raglan Sunset Cruise, Conference Rental at Woodlands Estate, Escape Room Vouchers, Restaurant Vouchers, Gym Vouchers and more!

Your Mission:

An accomplished Scientist has been working on developing exciting new cocktail recipes. He has stumbled upon something that when mixed together will revolutionize the entire entertainment sector.

He knows that he is being watched closely and in order to protect his work, he has hidden the recipe cryptically somewhere in the CBD. The competition has become aware of his work. He knows he is being followed and now fears for his safety. He has heard of your group and how you are recognized for your puzzle-solving abilities.

He has asked you to work for him in secret, needing to give you instructions in various codes and puzzles so that should the information fall into the wrong hands, it will not be understood. You will need to follow his instructions, find out where you need to go,  gather all the data you need, and present the recipe to his client before it falls into the hands of the competitors.

Competition Details

Team Size:

Play as a team of 4 and enjoy drinks and nibbles


Begins at 5:15pm at Confinement Escape Rooms


You may enter more than one team from a company


Played across 3 additional mystery locations


Not scored on speed; relax and solve puzzles with your team


Allow approximately 2.5 hours to complete


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