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Confinement Hamilton has 5 exciting, fully themed escape rooms! Each room has a unique theme, storyline and clues that will keep you wondering what lies ahead as you work your way through each space.

Confinement can accommodate groups of 2-8 per room, for work functions we can book out all five rooms for your group, for a maximum of 36 players per session.

Want to bowl and dine at Skycity as well? Confinement can help you put together a full itinerary - taking the stress out of planning activities.

Do you think outside the box?
Confinement Escape Rooms are just for you!


What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is an interactive game that transports you right into another world! You and your team must solve a series of clues and puzzles in order to unlock and uncover the secrets of the story, and move your way through each space in the room - the end goal is to escape before your 60 minutes are up! Escape Rooms are a perfect indoor activity for friends, families, couples and even your co-workers.

What are the recommended Team Sizes?

We can take anywhere from 2-8 people per room (Camp Amity, Cigar Lounge, The Lost Villa, Murdoch Manor), meaning 32 people across all 4 rooms per hour! We have had groups of 2 get out just as fast (if not faster) than groups of 8 so it is doable with any group size!

The Dungeon Escape Room can accomodate teams of 2-4 only.

For multi-room bookings you must have a minimum of 4 people per room. The Lost Villa is a slightly smaller than the other rooms so we do recommend group sizes of 6 or less, but 8 is maximum. 

What happens if I feel Locked in? Claustrophobic?

The door you enter through will be unlocked at all times, which may be used in an emergency, to use the bathroom during the game or to take a break if needed. 

No need to worry! Our rooms are nice and big, there are no extremely small spaces and the entry door is unlocked for you to leave if you feel uncomfortable.

What is the minimum age to play? 

For Camp Amity, The Lost Villa, Cigar Lounge, Murdoch Manor:

Children over the age of 5 are allowed to attend if a parent is also playing, puzzles are challenging in all rooms so an adult will be required to help children progress through the game.

This is a family friendly game, but not necessarily ideal for children. We recommend to partake as a family, anyone under the age of 14 requires an adult in the room as some of the puzzles are quite complicated.

All children aged 14 or younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times. They are not authorised to be in the Skycity building without an adult due to the presence of the Casino.

For The Dungeon:

This room is R14 only.

What do I need to bring?

Reading Glasses: We recommend bringing your reading glasses along as they will be very useful in the darker rooms and for reading digits on our locks.

Shoes: We do require shoes to be worn at all times, we recommend not wearing high heals so you can really get into the game. 

If I have done all the rooms and want to come back, can I?

Did you know we change our rooms?! We have a new reset every few months! 

Each room has its clues changed once a year, we stagger our resets so every few months theres a new challenge for you! Room names will often stay the same so stay tuned for clue resets!

Is there Wheelchair access?

Unfortunately, having stairs and narrow doors we do not have wheelchair access to the rooms. We also cannot allow teams to carry the wheelchair down the stair as a precaution for fire emergencies. 

What happens if we don't get out in time? 

A "Confinement" staff member will come and let you out and you will be invited back to try again another day.

What happens in an emergency? 

Your main exit is the door you entered, which is unlocked at all times. If your nearest emergency exit is the door you are trying to escape from, then there will be an emergency tear code clearly labelled on the back of the door. Tear this to reveal the code for you to easily exit the room. This will be pointed out by staff before you start the game.

An app is provided to a designated member from your team to call on our staff, you may also use the door you entered from to contact staff for assistance. A briefing will be done so you know where everything can be found for reassurance.

What language are the games in? 

The game is in English which requires you to read English written and verbal clues. Although some puzzles are not language specific.

Can we take photos in the room? 

We do not allow phones or cameras in the room as we do not want to spoil the game for others who have not yet played. Staff will take a cool team photo for you at the completion of the game.

Do you have a Function/Party Room? 

We do not have our own function/party room. However we can help you to book a SKYCITY room, please contact us at

Can we get a Team Photo?

Yes! We offer FREE team photos after your game, which will be available on our facebook page @confinementescaperoomshamilton.

Where can we park when we arrive?

SkyCity offer parking discounts which can be validated by SkyCity after coming to Confinement Click here for more info on Skycity Parking. Alternatively there is parking along Victoria street Click here for more info on CBD Street parking


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