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Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Kits

Are you eager to host your very own "Murder Mystery" event? These party kits are designed to provide an immersive experience for all participants. Each kit includes a carefully crafted scenario, complete with clues and a background story for each character. These materials should be printed and distributed to each guest before the event.

To enhance the excitement of the night, we encourage everyone to dress up as their assigned character. This adds a layer of entertainment to the experience. Throughout the evening, each character should discreetly reveal their clues to one another, creating an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue. However, the murderer must keep their identity secret.

Once the guests feel they have gathered enough information, they can take turns making their accusations. Each person will state their theory about the identity of the murderer, the weapon used, and the motive behind the crime. The individual who comes closest to the truth will be crowned the winner of the game. It's an exhilarating challenge that will keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the event.

Murder on the Seas

This Murder Mystery is set on a cruise ship. The captain has been murdered and it is up to the participants to solve the crime.

Murder at the Wedding

As the title suggests this Murder Mystery is set at a wedding. The groom has been found dead and all of the guests are suspects. Can you solve the crime?

Murder at the Reunion

Murder at the Reunion is set at a school reunion. Your old teacher has been found dead and everyone in your class is now a murder suspect. Can you solve the crime?

Murder at the Beauty Pagent

It's the 87th annual Miss New Zealand pageant and one of the contestants has been found dead. The backstage doors are sealed shut by the Police and everyone is suspected of murder. Can you solve the crime?

Murder at the Races

Set at the largest horse racing meet of the year, the main race favourite, Hoof Hearted, has been found dead in the stables. Can you solve the crime?

Murder at the Music Festival

Set backstage at a music festival, Malcolm Old from ADCD has been found dead in their room. Can you figure out who commited the crime, why they did it and how they did it?

Chistmas Murder Mystery

It's the Christmas AGM and magical beings from all over the world have congregated in New Zealand for this years event. One of the Santa's has been found dead. Can you solve the murder?

Murder at the Debutante Ball

Murder at the Debutante Ball is set in 1808 at the Windsor Manor at the most anticipated ball of the season. The Windsor family maid has been killed. Can you solve the crime? This mystery has been inspired by the Bridgerton series.

Murder at the Casino

Murder at the Casino is set at the Doghouse Casino. The main act, the Michael Jackson impersonator has been found dead and everyone in the casino is now a murder suspect. Can you solve the crime?

Murder at the Museum

A strange thing has happened at the New Zealand Museum of History, all the mannequins in the 1900's exhibition have magically come to life. The police and fire brigade are called to assist with rounding up the rather confused mannequins before they get loose in town. Most of the mannequins have unfinished business and are not keen to be rounded up and amidst the chaos, the museum curator, Mr Ant Tique, is found dead. The police decide to lock up all visitors, workers and mannequins in the museum and everyone is suspected of murder. Can you solve the crime??

Want to make the games into a function or party?

Looking to turn our games into a memorable function or party experience? We offer the option to host large groups, providing a dedicated host who will be there to assist with hints, create a fun competitive atmosphere, and ensure everything runs smoothly. This can take place at a local function room, a nearby bar or cafe, or even at your workplace, allowing for a convenient and enjoyable event.

Please note that hosting services come at an additional fee and are subject to the availability of our hosts. To inquire about hosting options or to discuss your event requirements, please reach out to us at We're excited to help you create a fantastic and engaging experience for your group.


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